Unikernels for HPC

HPC Security is unique in that on one hand you need to be as open as possible, yet on the other hand you want to be closed down as possible. Network security is great but how do you secure the host?


Security is the Burning Issue of the HPC Future

HPC and unikernels are a match made in heaven. Unikernels are a perfect fit for HPC as reduced latencies and high performance become ever more in demand while at the same time secure compute is a mandatory check.

Current HPC technologies are not enough. Performance is a never-enough constraint while security continues to exacerbate the domain of risk throughout the government and beyond.

Virtualization is dead cry the non-believers. That is until SR-IOV allowed traditional hypervisor functions to be pushed further down allowing multiple VMs to access the same hardware. Along with this functionality and new virtual Remote Direct Memory Access (vRDMA) HPC environments can now take advantage of the operational efficiencies that virtualization brings while retaining their mandatory performance levels.

  • "Today, customer’s HPC requirements go beyond superior performance and efficiency. They are also increasingly considering security, agility and cost control."

    Bill Mannel

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