Unikernels for Telecom

We all know the data center as we know it is moving to the edge. However, with that transition comes a much larger attack surface with even greater compute demands. You know what you have currently isn't going to cut it - are unikernels the answer?


Standing too Close to the Edge? Don't Fall Off.

Unikernels are taking over the world of NFV. Companies like Ericsson and NEC have been working with and running unikernels for a while.

We can design, build, and deploy unique custom-fitting NFV applications built with unikernels or train your development team to take advantage of this technology.

Are you ready to take your infrastructure into the next generation of NFV?

  • "Unikernels are small and fast and give Docker a run for its money, while at the same time still giving stronger features of isolation."

    Florian Schmidt

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