Cyberattack Pushback: NanoVMs Designing Defensively to Counter Threats

In 2021, relying on outdated technology to handle new and often extreme cybersecurity threats in a shifting landscape isn’t a comprehensive or viable strategy. With relentless and mounting cyberattacks part of daily reality, cutting-edge protection against them has never been needed more to maintain infrastructure safety, privacy, and maintain functioning supply chains.

The Time for Unikernels is Now

In this episode of The View With Vizard, NanoVM CEO Ian Eyberg explains why the time to employ unikernels to make IT more secure has arrived. The video is below, followed by a transcript of the conversation.

Malware Focused on Container Technology and What Healthcare Should Know About Containers

In case you missed it, some of the latest malware is targeting container technology including the very popular Kubernetes. Considering the large number of healthcare vendors, this is an important topic to learn more about.

More companies enter ABMS innovation pipeline

The Department of the Air Force has selected eight additional companies to compete for the opportunity to develop, test and integrate new capabilities for the Advanced Battle Management Systems (ABMS).

3 Companies to Invest in on Republic’s Equity Funding Platform

When looking for early-stage companies to invest in, a good place to go is Republic. The company operates one of the largest crowd equity platforms, allowing anybody to participate.

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $53 Million for Small Business Research and Development Grants

Today, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette announced that the Department of Energy will award 256 grants totaling $53 million to 211 small businesses in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

Shrink Wrap Your OS

During my early years working Unix security at Bell Labs in the mid-1980’s, I remember following (and envying) some amazing research going on at CMU.

Seeking the root causes of Cyber Insecurity, Part II - Browsers and Operating Systems.

We recently conducted a survey of industry experts on the root causes of cyber risk exposure. The consensus is security flaws are often built into the systems that require protection.

Why Unikernels are Great for Devops

DevOps tooling seems to be in a never-ending state of self-transformation. The continuing evolution of infrastructure and the tools that go with it are forever creating new ecosystems. On the infrastructure side, we saw VMWare, Citrix and other companies bring to market massive virtualization in the late ’90s and early ’00s.

Containers vs. Unikernels: An Apples-to-Oranges Comparison

I was asked recently to write a containers-versus-unikernels article, and I said, "Sure, but it won’t be the article you think it is because I share Per Buer’s sentiment that unikernels are not simply containers 2.0."

NanoVMs Announces First Plug and Play Unikernel Tool

NanoVMs, the industry leader in unikernel technology development and deployment, announces the first unikernel tool for developers that loads any Linux application as a unikernel. The tool, called "Ops" is simple to use, requires no complex coding or configuration and only requires a simple command to execute.

SD Times news digest: NGINX API Management Module, GitHub Enterprise, and K2 acquires K2NE

Open-source virtual machine developers NanoVMs launched its tool for running any Linux application as a unikernel, called 'Ops,' today.

Securing the Industrial Edge

Edge compute is springing up in the industrial and manufacturing sector at a fast clip - after all what company doesn’t want to increase its business efficiency or quicken its agility? Everything from managing control over process in real-time to doing quality inspections with AI-based systems, also in real-time, need to compute at the edge - not in the cloud.

Cyber Security Experts Weigh In on Marriott/Starwood Data Breach

This breach happened because the underlying operating systems are completely broken.

Unikernels Securing the Edge

Edge compute sacrifices security for efficiency when software applications run Linux, Windows but these problems are solved with unikernels.

What We Can Learn from the Marriott Data Breach

As details emerged about the latest "massive data breach" — this time at the Marriott International hotel chain — database experts and security technology executives speculated on how it could have been avoided and reflected on what needs to change to prevent similar data security lapses.

Securing the Digital Restaurant at the Edge

Whether it’s adopting cook and hold ovens that reduce energy costs or adopting food safety management systems like Navitas, newer technology is being introduced to help restaurants run more efficiently and of course produce more revenue.

The Crypto-Criminal Bar Brawl

As if e-commerce companies didn't have enough problems with transacting securely and defending against things like fraud, another avalanche of security problems -- like cryptojacking, the act of illegally mining cryptocurrency on your end servers -- has begun.

Unikernels are more efficient, secure than containers

Not only are unikernels cheaper for businesses but due to their small size, companies can deploy even more of them.

You'll Never Believe the Disruptive Innovation at VMworld

The days of massive, vendor-independent enterprise technology conferences like Comdex are long gone. Today, all the action is at the big vendor shows, like Dell Technologies World, IBM Think, CA World, and last week’s VMworld, to name a few.

Create and Deploy Unikernels with NanoVMs

NanoVMs makes software to help you create and deploy unikernels. In this briefing, Ian discussed with me the state of the unikernel ecosystem and how NanoVMs fits into things.

An insurer warning: Don't Drown in the Data Lake

As more data is collected for machine learning models, more care must be taken with how data is stored, processed and accessed.

Black Hat 2018 Profile: NanoVMs

When you apply for life insurance, you have to disclose whether or not you smoke and have dangerous hobbies like skydiving. If you do, you’re at higher risk for premature death. (But, please, by all means, enjoy!) However, if you want to live longer, you’re better off avoiding high risk activities.

Unikernels and the Death of the Security Patch

While many organizations are talking about unikernels, NanoVMs is the first to launch a platform that simplifies the process. NanoVMs can be used with legacy applications or in the development of new.

Goodbye Ransomware, Hello Cryptojacking!

If you had trouble last fall checking your elected officials’ claims on Politifact or streaming Homeland on Showtime Anytime, blame the cryptocurrency bubble. Hackers are suddenly breaking into companies’ systems and websites to steal their computing power and “mine” virtual currencies – slowing down all those computers’ day jobs.

Cryptojacking: The Newest Trick up Hackers' Sleeves

Computer disasters like crashes and breaches aren't a business owner's only worries nowadays. The latest threat is cryptojacking. Read on to learn how it could affect your company.

Cybercrime & The Hidden Risks of CryptoJacking

Cryptojacking is becoming all the rage in the cybercrime world recently. Unlike ransomware, criminals do not need to wait to get paid. As soon as their code hits your servers they start generating cash. That cold hard cash made up of 1s and 0s.

New Breach Shows Hospitality Industry Susceptible to Cyberattacks

FastBooking, a Paris-based company that sells hotel booking software, was robbed of customers’ personal information and credit card data. The company sent out emails last week warning those affected among its 4,000 customers in 100 countries.

Hackers are Not Natural Disasters or Acts of God

Data breaches are unfortunately becoming more and more common as the never-ending march toward digital transformation carries on while picking up pace. No other sector is as directly impacted by breaches than health care as medical records are considered an order of magnitude more valuable than even credit cards.

DeferPanic secures $1.5M seed round to popularize unikernel concept.

We’ve all probably heard of containers and virtual machines by now. Virtualization enabled IT to break down a single server into multiple machines. Containers allowed you take that concept and make it even smaller. DeferPanic wants to take another step with a technology called Unikernels. Today, the company announced its $1.5 million seed round.

Unikernel vs Containers - See the lightweight championship fight

The drive to minimize app hosting resources yielded unikernels and containers, the IT equivalent of a tiny house and apartment. Containing only the barest essentials, unikernels pose unique benefits and challenges.

This agile Life - DevOps Extravaganza of Tangents

A podcast about:

  • 5 Web Trends for 2017
  • Supporting Open Source projects
  • Ruby Together
  • And more...

15 Digital Disruptors anouncing this years innovation grand challenge

After launching our third annual Innovation Grand Challenge in May, today I have the utmost pleasure to unveil the 15 semifinalists.

GC On-Demand

GC On-demand - UNIKERNELS: The What, why and when. Chat with Ian Eyberg

What's the deal with unikernels?! We had Ian Eyberg of Defer Panic join us to talk about what a unikernel is, why it's an important part of the overall IT strategy, and when you should or should not use them. A great end-to-end discussion that will also open your eyes to new ways of doing some interesting things!

Beam Me Up, Unikernel

There can be no doubt that the golden age of unikernels is fast approaching. Initially, developers thought that using unikernels in production was something that was still five years away, but companies are already beginning to use them in production today.

The New Stack

Life in a Post-Container World

Right now containers are all the rage. The money piling into the container ecosystem is massive. Uncle Scrooge would drown inside the vault — and ducks are good swimmers.

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