Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

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Is your software too slow?

Look for these following signs:

  • Your AWS bill makes you want to cry.
  • You measure everything in hundreds of milliseconds - not microseconds or nanoseconds.
  • You have a critical service written in a scripting language (python, ruby, js) - and you know that it's hurting.
  • You think observability tools are the same thing as profiling tools.

You need some talented performance engineers at your side. We are comfortable in many languages but for these tasks will usually rely on C, Rust or Go.

We'll introduce you to our unikernel Nanos and show you a world beyond Linux. Yeh, we're those types of engineers - we wrote our own kernel.

Let us show you how to go further, faster and with less cost with our performance engineering engagements.

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Ready for the future cloud?

Security does not have to be the nightmare it is. You've got better things to do than dealing with VM sprawl. Show everyone how you were responsible for halving the infrastructure budget. Be the winner!

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