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Run up to 300% faster with far less cost and strong defensive security.

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$ curl -sSfL I sh

Installing ops!
Downloading latest release... ✓
Adding to bash profile... ✓
Successfully installed ops Ops version: 0.1.12
Nanos version: 0.0! Please open another terminal where the ops
command will now be available.

$ ops pkg load eyberg/node:20.5.0 -p 8083 -a hi.js

[node hi.js]
booting /Users/root/.ops/images/node.img ...
Server running at
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Deploying Unikernels for the Smallest Startups to the Largest Governments

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Why Use

Unikernels are fast, secure, increase server density and eliminate devops. Unikernels can boot 2 orders of magnitude faster than docker and run software up to 20% faster.

Unikernels by design help prevent many types of remote code execution attacks and you can run thousands of them on commodity hardware.


Massive VM Consolidation

We can provision hundreds to thousands of virtual machines on the same hardware.

Ultra Secure

We don't scan for hacked systems - we remove the tools hackers use to stop it in the first place.

On-prem Private Cloud

No matter what you use, we work with your existing infrastructure so you can immediately get going.

What is a unikernel?

A unikernel is simply an application that has been boiled down to a small, secure, light-weight virtual machine. The resulting virtual machine image does not contain an operating system like Linux or Windows. There are no users and no shell to login. Since it is one application it prevents other applications from running by design.

Unikernels are widely considered to be the next generation of cloud infrastructure for their speed and security.

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Your next step is to circumvent containers all together and use @nanovms. They will have faster boot times, they are more secure and more performant.

When I was at Docker we always talked about unikernels as the future. seems to be the most promising implementation of this yet. Excited to use this with Go.

This is the way:

NanoVMs makes your applications easier to maintain, extremely hard to exploit and dramatically increases your application to hardware ratio well beyond traditional hypervisor and container technologies.

We passed PCI DSS Level 1 thanks to it.

Stumbled upon interesting project - #unikernel for #NodeJS applications - by @nanovms. Looks like an opportunity to get significant performance boost!

#NodeJS #Automated I Run Node Unikernels 2X as Fast on GCP and 3X as Fast on AWS

This looks very interesting #javascript #nodejs #Linux #npm

have you ever heard about for apps like node.js?

TIL about @nanovms - very interesting solution!

What on earth is this my god? Sounds fast. @nanovms

NanoVMs offers a Unikernel that minimizes the amount of software running in the OS, thus reducing the attack surface. #cybersecurity #ciso #operatingsystems TAG Cyber LLC

Unikernel is to the Cloud what a process is to the OS. VM is the new container, Cloud is the runtime.

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