Professional Services

Professional Services

If you are considering deploying Nanos to host your infrastructure we can help. Our consulting organization can work with you and your development and or operations team to plan a successful proof of concept or production implementation of Nanos.

Need some custom klib development? Nanos klibs offer the ability for custom extensions to add additional functionality to your applications without modifying existing code. This is the perfect method for you to seamlessly transition your infrastructure over.


Does your team need a ramp-up on unikernels, Nanos or other NanoVMs technologies? Check out our Training Program. If you need something different, contact us and we can design a training program tailored for your team.

Kubernetes / Docker Migration Help

Are you currently using Kubernetes and/or Docker? Many new unikernel users quickly find out they don't need or want the complexity that comes with kubernetes anymore but find it hard to break away because of either the amount of integrations, k8s lock-in, or lack of expertise. We can help your organization migrate existing applications to unikernels and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Are you running production workloads with OPS or Nanos? Contact us to learn about our offerings for 8x5 or 24x7 production support - brought to by the authors of Nanos and OPS.

Need help with a fixed project such as porting an application or writing a custom integration? You can purchase engineering hours.

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Security does not have to be the nightmare it is. You've got better things to do than dealing with VM sprawl. Show everyone how you were responsible for halving the infrastructure budget. Be the winner!

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