Unikernels for the Energy Markets

Bid-Lease Data, Seismic Markups, and IP theft are already being stolen from ONG companies. SCADA control data and the thousands of sensors collecting data everywhere only magnifies the risk. Existing security solutions can not cope with the surface area of attack and amount of data being produced in the industry. New solutions are needed.


Unikernel Isolation Provides Secure SCADA

We are currently working with the Department of Energy to add unikernel support for SCADA and ICS systems. Read More Here.

If you are looking to connect your OT systems with a secure SCADA solution you must use unikernels. Embedded linux does not cut it!

SCADA and ICS systems are critical infrastructure that have some of the worst cybersecurity in the world and yet they might be the most important to address. Deploying SCADA and ICS systems as unikernels heavily reduce this attack surface and make it hard to attack.

SCADA and ICS systems aren’t used just for power systems but a very wide range of industrial controls from refineries to manufacturing to sewage plants and even railroad systems. All of these can benefit greatly from having RTUs and MTUs deployed as unikernels.

Unikernels Reduce the Attack Surface

Unikernels will drive IoT forward and the energy markets are an obvious receipient with smart grid applications and energy storage.

Cyber will quickly mature from a cost item to an essential investment.

Cyber attacks are a very real threat to the energy grid. It's unfortunate the majority of systems are still widely vulnerable.

We offer custom integration and coding solutions to get your ICS systems deployed as unikernels.

  • "Two years ago, 90% of the decisions were made for convenience or speed or efficiency over security. Now, I would say 90% of the decisions are made for security over that, and that’s a big change in the industry."

    Mark Maddox

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